The Sounds of Tango



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Submit to the exotic flavours of velvet nights and burning desire. Surrender to the soulful passion of piano, percussion, voice and strings. Be seduced by the intensity of the Latin beat.

Emoción will reignite the fire that flickers in every human heart.

  • "Hardly any other formation reflects the political world situation as comprehensively as Emoción"
    Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • "Mesmerised by a passionate performance"
    Ahlan Live
  • "Captivating... enthralling... ready for the big league!"
    Gulf Times
  • "Glowing and bright"
    Süddeutsche Zeitung


Meet the five musicians of Emoción: the singer (Sevine), the violinist (Soledad), the cellist (Kiko), the pianist (Joris) and the percussionist (Ferdi).

Their performances are full of energy and radiate the joy of making music. There is a palpable chemistry between the five musicians, which makes for electrifying live performances.

All five were educated at top music universities in Germany. Before joining the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in 2008, they were all members of prestigious European orchestras. Together, Emocion is a celebration of a shared passion for tango-inspired music. Influences from many different cultures combine in their music, sometimes in surprising ways.

Emoción often collaborate with Special Guest Stars, who each bring their own unique flavour – be it Latino, American or Arabic.

You’ll hear Milongas and Waltzes, Tango Nuevo and Tradicional. Captivating melodies from Buenos Aires and Paris intertwined with mystery from Damascus and Mumbai. The mood is set with poetry and storytelling, inspiring the audience beyond just the music.

With such international backgrounds, Emoción can perform in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch to reach a wide variety of audiences around the world.

A night with Emoción is entertaining yet sophisticated, soulful yet invigorating, and utterly unforgettable.




Revel in the white hot chemistry of four internationally acclaimed musicians on stage, united not by language or culture but by an insatiable urge to create the intoxicating rhythms of Tango Nuevo.

  • VIOLIN: Soledad

    The passion of a Peruvian Latina. The expertise of a classically trained German violinist. Soledad embodies the exotic spirit of tango with an international twist. Formerly a member of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Soledad has performed on stage with artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Nigel Kennedy, Marcel Khalife and Vanessa Mae.

    "Music is my passion and my life. When I can see the audience feel something, there is no greater thrill."

  • CELLO: Kiko

    German-Venezuelan Kiko Schmitz studied cello with Professor Jens-Peter-Mainz at the prestigious Hans Eisler University in Berlin. Born and raised in Caracas, Kiko has relished the opportunity to return to his Latin roots with Emocion. Kiko thrives on expressing the full spectrum of human emotion through the richly evocative voice of his cello.

    "For me, this music is pure pleasure. It's like a return to my childhood - the energy and the freedom and the spirit."


    Experimental percussionist Ferdi Schaefer imagines his role as adding the spice to the musical banquet. He studied percussion at the "Akademie fuer Tonkunst Darmstadt" and performed with many well-known orchestras in Germany before joining the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in 2008.

    "When the four of us get together on stage, there's this chemistry I can't describe. It's rare, and it's special."

  • PIANO: Joris

    Multi-talented Joris Laenen is a composer, pianist, and also co-principal trumpet player with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. Joris was born in Belgium and was drawn to music at a very early age. He studied both piano and trumpet at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp before moving to Frankfurt to pursue his Masters degree. Writing the arrangements for Emocion is a labour of love for Joris.

    "This music ignites in me a flame of intrigue, and I feel I must 'paint' every colour I am imagining."

  • SINGER: Sevine

    'An actress at heart, a vocalist in life'. That is how vocalist Sevine with her Brazilian and Italian descent describes herself. Growing up in war-torn Beirut in the 80’s, Sevine discovered the magical powers of music, listening to records of Chantal Goya, Dalida, Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour among others - this all influenced the adult performer she had set out to become. ‘It’s all about telling stories - your own, other people’s. Whatever the story, people always connect through love, loss and the struggle of being human’.


  • SPECIAL GUEST STAR, TRUMPET: Dominick Farinacci

    World renowned trumpeter Dominick Farinacci was named Global Ambassador to Jazz at Lincoln Center by Wynton Marsalis (2012-2015). Profiled in Vanity Fair and on ABC's Good Morning America, Dominick was one of 18 artists worldwide to be a part of the inaugural Jazz program at Juilliard. He is a Mack Avenue Records recording artist.



Book Emocion now for a night to remember.

Emoción are now accepting bookings in Europe. Their repertoire can be tailored to suit your event, with performances ranging from 30 to 100 minutes duration.


Call: +974 66089 033